Helen Mirra and Stephen Batchelor

Stephen Batchelor

17 April 2016
A talk on the subject of 'Suchness' given by Buddhist teacher and author Stephen Batchelor on the occasion of Helen Mirra and Allyson Strafella's exhibition.

Stephen Batchelor is known worldwide for his work as author, teacher, and scholar of Buddhism.

Batchelor left Britain in 1972, at age eighteen, to study with some of the most revered Asian Buddhist teachers around at that time. He ordained first as a Tibetan monk, and then, later, as a monk in the Korean Zen tradition. He has been a teacher at Gaia House meditation center in Devon for twenty-five years and is a contributing editor of ‘Tricycle: The Buddhist Review’. His books include ‘Buddhism without Beliefs’ (1997), ‘Confession of a Buddhist Atheist’ (2010) and the most recent ‘After Buddhism’ published by Yale University Press in 2015.

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