Prof. Lynda Morris and Arnaud Desjardin

05 November 2015
A discussion between Professor Lynda Morris and Arnaud Desjardin.

Lynda Morris is a pioneering curator, writer and art historian who gave many artists their first UK exhibitions, including Agnes Martin, Bernd and Hilla Becher and Gerhard Richter. She also established EAST international, an open submission exhibition in Norwich (1991-2009), responsible for early career exhibitions of artists, including Jeremy Deller, Matthew Higgs, Hurvin Anderson, Phyllida Barlow, Rose Wylie, Laure Provoust and Corin Sworn.

Lynda knew and had links to many of the artists whose invitation cards, posters or manifestoes are on display in ‘Don’t Forget. Artists’ Remnants and Paper Scraps’.

She is talking to Arnaud Desjardin, curator of ‘Don’t Forget. …’, in the context of the exhibition about artists' printed matter and other art related ephemera.

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