Paris Photo 2023

9–12 Nov 2023
Guido Guidi: View Into Landscape

Large Glass (London) and Viasaterna (Milan) presented a solo presentation of works by the renowned Italian photographer Guido Guidi at Paris Photo 2023. With a focus on landscape, we made a selection in collaboration with Guidi encompassing 50 years (1972- 2023). Guido Guidi is one of Italy’s most respected photographers, with a career spanning more than five decades. Neorealist film and conceptual art have played a significant role in shaping his unsentimental but also intensely personal vision. He has mostly focused his lens on rural and suburban geographies close to his home and occasionally wider afield in Europe.

“View into Landscape” draws on the underlying vision in his work, the transformation of contemporary landscape, the rural and urban terrain near his home in Cesena and around Italy. Guidi is a key figure in a group of photographers, born in the 1940s who in the 1970/80s were establishing links between photography and other disciplines from literature to architecture, from city planning to sociology and anthropology in order to consciously shape the cultural significance of Italian photography. We take a journey through Guidi’s rural, industrial and personal landscapes, shot on 35mm, medium and large format 8x10” film, and presented here as C -type and Gelatin silver prints (both vintage and contemporary).

Main Section, Booth B06
Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris
Guido Guidi

press: Large Glass
sales: Charlotte Schepke

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