Iris: an evening of readings

22 April 2022
An evening of readings by; Sophie Seita, Abby Nocon, Florence Uniacke and Adam Moore –responding to the exhibition ‘Iris’ on Earth Day.

Sophie Seita is an interdisciplinary researcher, artist, writer, and translator. Her text – and archive – based practice spans poetry, performance, lecture-performance, video, translation, multimedia and queer-feminist collaborations.

Abby Nocon is a writer and designer of art/tech/mysticism/futures. She creates stories, worlds and systems that reimagine how we experience knowledge, spirituality and community.

Florence Uniacke is a poet and artist. She has published three collections of poetry, Can Get In No Particular Place, MOVE–> and Suiving.

Adam Moore is an interdisciplinary artist exploring themes of multiculturalism, unity and resilience. He dances, works with dance, ceramics, drawing, film, painting, sculpture and text.

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