Left to right: Gerry Johansson (photo by Guido Guidi),
Guido Guidi (photo by Gerry Johansson),
Mark Ruwedel (photo by Mark Ruwedel).

In conversation:
Gerry Johansson, Guido Guidi and Mark Ruwedel

26 October 2023 

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A conversation between Gerry Johansson, Guido Guidi and Mark Ruwedel, moderated by art historian Andrea Mattiello.

The conversation accompanies the exhibition ‘Stepping Stones: Three Photographic Journeys’, co-curated by Jean-Paul Deridder, on display at Large Glass until 10 November.

‘Stepping Stones’ comprises three series of work by each of the artists: Motel Prints (1983), realised by Gerry Johansson during his coast-to-coast trip from Los Angeles to New York; Guido Guidi’s In Sardegna (1974), a body of work from his travels around the island of Sardinia, taken on his honeymoon; and Mark Ruwedel’s Ice Age series (1995-2003), which he describes as ‘a study of human activity in the context of the Pleistocene lakes’.

Andrea Mattiello holds a PhD on Byzantine Art History from University of Birmingham, and a PhD in History and Theory of Performance Art from the School for Advanced Studies in Venice. He has published and lectured on Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Art, Photography and Architecture, queer art in Antiquity, female agency in Byzantium, and Greek-Italian Humanism. He currently lectures for the Courtauld, NABA Milan and Oxford University.

This conversation took place online.

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