Guido Guidi and Veronica Lanconelli. Photo: Nicola Baldazzi

Guido Guidi: Di sguincio, 1969-81 book launch

23 February 2023

Launch of Guido Guidi's new book ‘Di sguincio, 1969-81’, published by MACK, and coinciding with Guidi’s exhibition at the gallery.

Guidi joined by video link.

This 144-page book brings together more than one hundred black-and-white photographs made by Guido Guidi with small-format cameras between 1969 and 1981. It follows previous collaborations between Guidi and MACK, reflecting the artist's consistent and life-long engagement with bookmaking.

“With ‘Di sguincio’, we discover a set of anti-documents or anachronistic records – stamped, annotated, and sometimes artificially aged – which comment wryly on photography’s claims to truth and reveal the foundations of a lifelong engagement with the possibilities of the medium.”

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