Left: Emma McNally ‘Choral Fields’ (detail) 2018. Right: Vanessa Billy ‘Whiplash’ (detail) 2021

Emma McNally & Vanessa Billy in conversation

11 January 2023

watch and listen to the conversation here
passcode: P8.a=k0w
A conversation between Emma McNally and Vanessa Billy, talking about their work within the current exhibition ‘Time Spirals’ at Large Glass.

“My art practice grows out of an interest in the materiality of the world, which I see not as detached from us humans but as constitutive of our bodies.” Vanessa Billy

“Drawing is a rhythmic practice and graphite is an ideal medium for rhythmic thinking. Graphite is materially slippery. It is made of thin layers that are shed as you draw.” Emma McNally

Emma will be present in the gallery, in conversation with Vanessa on screen. 

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