Conversations in Time
21 November / 8 December 2017

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‘What is the purpose or role of art in an age of accelerating social change and environmental uncertainty?’

‘Conversations in Time’ is a series of conversations inspired by American art writer, Suzi Gablik's important book, ‘Conversations Before the End of Time’. The book was driven by what she believed was a crisis point for art, humanity and the environment.

‘If the apocalyptic strain in my own thinking was in some ways the trigger, the starting point from which the book launched, it was necessarily the place where it ended up. When conversing with people, frequently I found myself in the role of merely feeding the meter – creating a spaciousness through listening, and relying on something new to emerge out of the moment. Inevitably it did.’ 

Tuesday 21 November
Liliane Lijn and Alistair Hudson

Liliane Lijn is an American-born artist living in London.
Alistair Hudson has been appointed Director of the Whitworth Art Gallery at Manchester University.

Friday 8 December
Siobhan Davies and Guy Claxton

Siobhan Davies is a dancer and choreographer.
Guy Claxton is a cognitive scientist.
These and other conversations are available as a podcast.

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