Craigie Horsfield and Polly Fleury

Conversation with Craigie Horsfield

09 February 2016
Conversation between artist Craigie Horsfield and curator Polly Fleury.

This is a rare chance to hear Craigie Horsfield discuss his work, including his current series ‘Workers' on view at Large Glass until the end of February.
Horsfield often allows time to pass between the taking of the photograph and the making of the print. During this lapsed time, he argues, the event recedes into memory and allows the print to exist as a discrete object rather than a mere recording of an event.

He will be in conversation with Polly Fleury who is curator of Special Projects at the Wilson Centre for Photography where she works closely with museums, artists, galleries and publishers bringing historical and contemporary photography to public view. The Wilson Centre for Photography – the private collection of Michael G.Wilson – has steadily collected Horsfield’s work over the years and will present a selection of portraits at Somerset House for Photo London 2016.

To listen to the audio recording, please contact the gallery.

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